Exams, Radiographs, and Oral Cancer Screenings

At Oasis Dental you receive a comprehensive dental exam when first becoming a patient of our practice. Dr. Linda Gherman will discuss your dental concerns and goals for care, then conduct a thorough evaluation of your teeth and gums. She will then present you a treatment plan and discuss your options for achieving or maintaining dental health. You will also receive two periodic dental check-ups each year from Dr. Gherman along with your regular cleanings.

Oral cancer screenings are always performed in conjunction with the exams. Dr. Gherman palpates the neck, face, and glands for potential abnormalities and evaluates the intra-oral tissues for any unusual appearance.

At Oasis Dental we take digital radiographs (x-rays) as preventative and diagnostic tools. Digital radiographs have reduced the amount of radiation by 80-90% compared to traditional methods, appear instantly on the screen, and require no harmful chemicals for processing. We always use lead shields to minimize further the amount of radiation, and take radiographs only as needed and as determined by your caries risk, periodontal (gum) health, number of restorations, suspicious clinical findings.